Friday, July 21, 2006

Comicon: In-n-Out Edition

Somehow I found myself at Comicon on Thursday. And by somehow I mean I somehow found time to register and drive down to San Diego for a few hours even though I had every intention of not going this year. But since I've missed the last few years due to work obligations it wasn't hard for my buddy-- who had never been-- to convince me to go down with him.

Comicon is hard to do in just a day, that's how freakishly huge it's gotten. But we seemed to naturally stray to artists alley where I had a great time catching up with old friends and meeting artists I've admired for years but have never met. Tops for me was a conversation with Yanick Paquette, whom was amazed anyone had ever heard of his work on Terra Obscura, a favorite series of mine. Yanick most recently completed the excellent 7 Soldiers title Bulletteer, and will now be doing a stink on X-Men of all things.

My friend Charlie was wowed by alot of the art booths, and was drooling over some new Janesko pieces. And I'm like, "Dude, that's Jennifer Janesko right there, go talk to her." To which he became a little "artstruck" as I call it. A couple booths down was none other than Olivia De Berardinis and a similar fawning over art, and I'm like "Dude, that's Olivia right there, go talk to her! How often will you get that chance?" A chance both of us took, to which she was very friendly to engage. I told her how much I've enjoyed her current illustrations in Playboy-- which if you've seen them is a very different style for her-- and she was very humble about discussing the challenge it was to try new styles and how grateful she was to "Hef" for letting her.

I also had a great conversation with Joyce Chin and Art Adams. Joyce I've actually known for some time, and since she's Art's better half it's kinda like I know Art, too, tho I still have trouble saying I "know" Art Adams... more accurately I "know" how to spend ridiculous amounts of money on Art's work. Sadly the piece I had my eye on was equal to two months rent, so.... yeah. Luckily I cam across a page that was half Joyce and half Art, and at a steal of a price. Joyce is a great artist in her own right, so it's a cool jam piece to own.

Other than that, all my pick-ups were sketchbooks:

Arthur Adams Sampler IV
Arthur Adams Sampler V
Robh Ruppel
J. Scott Campbell
Scott Benefiel
Jeff Moy
Adam Hughes (!)
William Stout
Dave Johnson

Sweet stuff. My last purchase, literally as the doors were closing was Ragnar's new collection, Vernaculis, aka Chromaphile 2. Not much else really wowed me, but I saw alot of cool toys (especially from Square) and Supergirl on a cell phone. It was fairly crowded but nowhere near the mob of Fridays and Saturdays, I can only imagine what it will be like this weekend. But a quick in and out was all I needed with a pilfering of groovy art for my troubles!

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