Friday, June 02, 2006

Wonder Woman

DC Direct is producing some nice figures. One of the best this year is the JLA Classified line's Wonder Woman-- a line based on drawings by Ed McGuiness. But sometimes even great sculpts need a little lovin' to make up for shortcomings of any mass-produced product.

First up was to call better attention to the detail on WW's... Chestplate? Bustier? Bodice? ...Rockin' Amazonian Rack. Some carefully applied black ink really made the difference. The figure comes with a decent gold cord that attaches to a hook on her belt, but the cord's flexibility was too springy and didn't behave well for it's scale. I wanted something with a little more weight. After some hunting around I found the perfect scale gold chain in the form of a cheap necklace. A couple snips and sweet golden lariat makes the perfect WW accessory. But in order for it to get proper use I had to drill holes through her hands. This was a tricky alteration and could have spelled disaster if the drill bits didn't like the plastic. Starting with the smallest bit and taking it nice and slow made way for two more incremental bit changes. Worked out perfect.

Now what was an already nice figure is a great figure!

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