Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Comics (Thurs)Day

Big stack this week.

JLA Classified
ABC A to Z: Top Ten
Books of Doom
Liberty Meadows
Red Sonja

Cho. Frank Cho. The irony of Liberty Meadows as a comic strip is that the unedited gags and the descriptions of what the mainstream media does not allow/heavily edits is more interesting than the strip itself. It is so terribly tame by modern sensibilities, but I've read many times of the syndication world's paleozoic standards. The killer, tho, is the art! In a world of uncommonly mediocre newspaper strip art, Cho simply dwarfs his peers. Any art director would kill to have such quality illustration as part of a daily or weekly syndication, and yet editorially the reigns are puritan by proxy. Newspapers, take note: you've got cancer and your time is nigh. You don't need to hide behind a fear of offending your readership because of a little illustrated cleavage. Do everything you can while you can.

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