Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Comics Day

Less and less DC, hmmmm.....

Green Lantern
Stangers in Paradise

Yes, I snagged me one of those "Crayon Butchery Variant" copies of Nextwave. I may or may not butcher it myself, but I am glad to have any instance of black and white art on the level of Stuart Immonen. Nextwave continues to be a ridiculously fun book, an anomaly not just among its Marvel Brethren but on the shelves as a whole.

Rocketo continues to w-o-w with sheer creative vision, and no doubt Strangers in Paradise will deliver as it always has. SiP wraps up its monumental run in a mere 8 issues, I suspect I will be talking about it more as the end draws near. But seeing as those 8 issues bring us well into 2007, blissfully, like Terry Moore himself, I'm not in any rush.

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