Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Comics Day

It's been a busy day but I always seem to make time for comics! I just wish there was more to buy.


Light on books but two visual treats for sure. It's hard to deny the crisp, bold work of Ed McGuiness on Supes/Bats, especially when finished by Dexter Vines and Dave McCaig. And double especially when the story is a showcase for a bevy of alternate Supergirls and burly Batmen!

The trump is the debut of Shadopact, which not only has Bill Willingham on story but a glorious return to art! Man, I love Willingham's art, it's chock full of character. First glance at the pages shows he's still up to form, though a bit overcolored for his style. I don't mean that as a slant to Chris Chuckry, he's a swell guy and a great colorist. Willingham's art has alot of black and it competes too much with saturated and primary palette being used here. It's so hard to get that mix just right, I think it's an editor's #1 priority. However, I cannot easily place blame because while I know most people in that position aren't qualified to make those choices (or even care), the ones that do so often have bureaucratic obstacles in their way it's a lost cause. It's a rare book in the mass market that gets the attention it deserves.

Readers getting their first look at Willingham's art would do well by checking out the excellent-as-it-is-pornographic Ironwood, and the scarce but beautiful (and all-too-short-lived) Coventry. His art has appeared numerous other places, left to be admired by collectors like myself.

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