Thursday, May 11, 2006

E3 2006!

What I came away with from this year's E3 was that America has nothing on Japan. All the cool games were from the people you'd expect, Capcom, Square, Namco... none of the US companies had anything that exciting. All the US games were licenses for sports and movies. Not all of them, but all the big ones. Walking around the Square booth was just one screen after another of "When does that come out?" The most amazing thing was how awesome the PS2 games were looking with the PS3 just around the corner...

The PS3 was impressive, it was way more interesting and had more to offer than the 360. I'd like a 360, I don't really need one, but I sure as hell want a PS3. The biggest drawback to that statement is that it'll be a hell of an investment, because you'll need a new TV to get all it has to offer. The shit is sharp and it likes the HD.

Sony had the overall largest presence, but it was cumulative because they had whole areas dedicates to the PS3, the PS2, and PSP. The PSP section was really cool because it had all these sitting areas designed like "PSP Opportunities." Subway, airplane seating, dorm room, and each seat had a PSP for someone to play. They were really pushing it.

As a single presence, Nintendo had the largest area, most of which was a theater that was invite only (boo). They were also really pushing their portable, the DS, and I got to say I'd rather have a DS than a PSP. Nintendo pretty much bitch slapped me with it's offering of titles and of course the Revolu-- I mean, "Wii." Damn you Nintendo! However, most of Japan's heavy hitters were fronting for PS2 and 3. By the way, Konami and it's footage of Metal Gear 4 was awesome.

There was a rumor that E3 Management cracked down on the "booth babe," an E3 tradition as old as exploiting women. There was noticeably less of that going around, but they were there in a fine example of quality vs. quantity.

Of course there was tons more to the show, I'm still processing it all. Blizzard showed the new races and footage from the World of Warcraft expansion, a deluge of other online games were shown, next-gen PC videocards were hocked, mobile/phone games were featured alongside consoles... Okay, okay I know you want the pics!

All pictures posted HERE!


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