Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Comics Day

Here we go again.

IC: Villains United
Solo: Damion Scott

DC is on a thin rope, pushing its limits with Villains United and Ion. With Kyle Rayner being featured in Ion as... well I don't exactly know yet, I can only assume that therein lies the potential for something good. I could hope, as I always do, that Ion will embrace its science fiction setting and yet I know deep down that it will not. A friend told me recently (on a subject far more lacerating than comics) that "hope" is just a definition for something you don't currently have. I found some truth in that, albeit slightly depressed at the notion.

Ion is only a comic, and it's a DC comic. With the subtitle of "Guardian of the Universe" I find myself doubting the house style ever living up to that title and what it means. Breaking rules of comic storytelling and concepts is not a business practice we see often in the form, even when we are seemingly given a book that could ascribe to just that. Ion's future is an unknown, at least as a character-- DC's site labels it as a 12-issue series. I would think that is the ideal place for risk, where I want to embrace the book and its characters and sternly ask, "Can you blow my mind?" We shall see.

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