Monday, April 24, 2006

Man's Folly

As the demolishment phase of the building across the street came to a close, I watched out my kitchen window as they attempted to remove the monstrous excavator from the site onto a flatbed trailer. With an interest harkening back to all young boy's fascination with construction vehicles, imagine my astonishment when the damn thing slid off!

This quickly drew a crowd as the drivers pondered the dilemma. The solution was somewhat ingenious, the excavator operator used the shovel to push up the machine and level itself while it gingerly was maneuvered into a safer position to roll off the truckbed. Which it did with an eventual, less-than-graceful crash, but mission accomplished.

Oddly, the next action was to get the excavator back onto the truck, albeit from the street. It's amazing they did that at all, with the truckbed clearly not wide enough for its cargo. But they did it anyway and chained it all up, the excavator balancing precariously with treads hanging over a good two feet on either side.

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