Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gallery 1988

Last night I went to a new show opening at Gallery 1988, an artsy-fartsy LA gallery where the art focus is on re-imaginings of videogame classics. The show was for the web site and new book, "I am 8-bit," a title of suspect to one such as myself who actually creates 8-bit art for a living. There was some nice stuff to be sure, but alot of it looked like a bunch of Juxtapose Magazine rejects. Supposedly they were showcasing "name" artists, although the only name I recognized was Steve Purcell, a personal art deity of mine who honestly has little need to be in such company.

Almost everything on display was marked as sold, and I didn't see a piece for less than three hundred bucks, and that was for like a 4x6 "painting." What a freakin' racket.

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