Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Free Comics Day

They weren't really free, I just happened to trade in a couple hundred books and got some store credit. The store will probably keep the good stuff (and there was some good stuff), but most of them were for the actual Free Comic Book Day, May 6th. Some lucky kid is going to finally get his hands on the complete run of Silver Sable and the Wild Pack.

Anyways... CRISIS!!!!

Infinite Crisis
Tomorrow Stories Special
Street Fighter II

So about this Crisis #6 (um, Spoilers...). I figure here it is. Here is where the shit goes down. It half goes down, I guess, as all the multiple earths are are finally collided into one. I thought the death toll would be alot higher than it was, I was expecting a slaughter the likes of which will never be forgotten. Eh. The book was expectedly full of Geoff Jones touchy-feeley crap, and for added measure a little bit of arrogance and over the top violence. In a "hilarious" commentary on how poorly the male gender has been treated in comics, the newly summoned Spectre singles out Star Sapphire for her "hatred for men" and obliterates her toot-sweet. -sigh- On one of those alternate Earths, perhaps IC was executed well enough for that to actually be funny instead of... embarrassingly sad.

What else, what else... oh yeah, Black Adam pokes his fingers through Psycho Pirate's eyes--- and then completely through his head. That's gotta hurt. And Superboy (Conner Kent, Earth 1) bites it. It's not even a cool way to go. Add to that fact that we already know he dies because all the One Year Later books shipped before this issue and allude to that very fact. Man, IC sucks. The current ish is once again a hodge-podge of artists struggling to make up lost time. Although I have to say Ivan Reis' pages are noticeably superior, I wish he was on from the start. It may have been a little more bearable.

Since there is only one issue left, DC has me suckered in and I have to see how this train wreck ends. As of yet they still have not given any indication why Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman become so at odds, something the title has been hawing at from the beginning. I see the future... and it has alot of word balloons...

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