Sunday, April 23, 2006

DRAW! #12

Draw! is just one of the best publications for artists around, and I wanted to bring some attention to the latest issue.

The feature is an interview with Kyle Baker, an artist who is at times louded (rightly) and others taken for granted. The body of his work is varied and vast, and some of his original stories are favorites in my library, notably You Are Here and I Die at Midnight. To call a Draw interview "in depth" is like calling our national budget a "trivial accounting task." Everything is covered from project history to work materials to (most interesting) Baker's embrace of digital media.

That's not all! Draw regularly features fantastic digital illustration techniques by the unmistakable Alberto Ruiz. Also regularly featured are tutorials by Artistic Engine of Justice Bret Blevins, hands down one of the most inspiring artists around. With his rich history and dynamic, life-infused work, Blevins never ceases to awe me and I'm always geared up to draw after reading his articles. The prolific Mike Manley is a jack of all trades, conducting interviews and articles on the mechanics and process of it all. To boot, Manley is a drawing machine.

The bonus treat, the feature that sets this issue apart is an interview with Chris McCulloch, the creator of Cartoon Network's The Venture Bros., arguably the best cartoon ever made. (That is if you're a 30-something guy who watches cartoons). As with the rest of the mag, the article features tons of great artwork from those involved.

Every issue of Draw! is jam-packed, but I'd like to point out that last issue, #11, is equally notable by featuring Steve Rude!

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