Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Comics Day

A very interesting week of books.

Aquaman (OYL)
Birds of Prey (OYL)
Superman (OYL)
JLA Classified
Infinite Crisis Secret Origins
Superman/Shazam First Thunder
Nextwave (Director's Cut)
Essential Godzilla

I'm pretty sure the DC's One Year Later books were not supposed to be out before the finale of Infinite Crisis, but that's what's happened. I picked them up out of both interest and art, the books I chose all had good art, and I must admit I'm a little curious of this whole "Sword and Scorcery" Aquaman thing (even though I think they've been missing the needed approach on Aquaman for years).

This reprint of Nextwave is cool not just because Stuart Immonen rocks, but also because it's neat to see an actual comics script by someone who gets paid to do it.

I also picked up something else at the comics shop this week, maybe I'll post about it later...

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