Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I read Playboy so you don't have to

But really, why wouldn't you?

This month's issue of Playboy has a multi-page article on comics. Specifically, the maturity of comics as a medium. It doesn't bother with past comics history but instead goes right to the turning point: that wonderous year that was 1986. Sure they gloss right over the sad state of affairs that was the 90's and skip right to current books like 100 Bullets, Transmet, and Promethea. There are a healthy spattering of quotes from-- and a sidebar dedicated to-- Alan Moore. They also make the tie to Hollywood's latest infatuation with comics-based films.

It is a well-written, interesting article with only one snafu that I noticed: There is a picture insert of The Authority's Engineer, but she is labeled as "Shen." Oops. It's okay, I've not once read a mainstream article or seen a tv news piece about comics that didn't have some error or outright falsehood. Funny thing about the Engineer's pic, seeing as how it's in Playboy. It's the retouched cover to Vol 1 #9, sans-nipples. I assure you folks first hand that the original cover has nipples! I kid you not when I say I watched as Laura DePuy painted them out per request of DC muckety-mucks. Apparently Playboy's research dept. let us all down on more than checking the Engineer's name, I would think it painfully clear to the casual observers of all things nipple that the pic was retouched, yet they didn't dig deep enough. It's a sad shame that in the one place they would have been right at home... well, you get me.

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