Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Americans are comfortable with this font."

Tuesday nite I went to the Apple Store at The Grove to see some bona-fide rock stars.

Not just any rock stars, but...



Andy Cruz and Rich Roat of House Industries, my favorite (and worshipped) foundry were on hand to give a presentaion. For a little over an hour they spoke of custom lettering, design, and all things typographic. It was awesome!!! Throw up the horns, man!!!!

It was a real treat to look into how their company was started and how they evolved over the years into the premiere type factory that they are. Their attention to detail in all things seems matched only by a razor-sharp sense of balance in design. Their love for the classic stables of fonts and styles is brought forth in new and contemporary faces. I love these guys. And in an almost unheard of cool cooincidence, at the lecture I was standing right behind pop artist Coop! Coop's art of course needs little introduction, but he also has a font set produced by House.

For true aficionados of type, design, and all things House, I highly recommend the House Book.

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