Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Comics Day

Gak! Another week of posting just comics! I must be busy or something. Or drunk or something. Or busy staying drunk or something.

JLA Classified
Green Lantern
Astonishing X-Men

Why do I even still buy comics? It must be for the art. Why else would I pay good money for Astonishing X-Men? Nice as Cassiday is, there are alot of pointless repeated panels in there. Here's the joke, on pages where there is heavy dialogue, there are minimal panels, when there is clearly enough room to fit even the big balloons into one panel. What is that? Storytelling? Cinematic? Decompression? Lazy? As more and more of the Showcase books and Marvel masterworks come out, the more I'm reminded of how much they used to pack it in. Of course alot of it's dated, but damn if they don't have shit going on left and right. Makes Astonishing X-Men look like more of an indulgence, which I can't actually say is a bad thing. Though with the proliferation of the form to breed the desirable trade I don't know if it's for the better.

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