Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Comics Day

Three comics and a nice surprise!

Modern Masters: Arthur Adams (!!!)

I didn't even know that this was the last issue of JLA. That's kind of a big deal. Sure they are going to relaunch the title again, I scrambled around the web to discover it will be called "Justice League of America" all spelled out. So once again for DC, one step forward, two steps back.

But Joy of Joys! The excellent Modern Masters series returns with a spotlight on Art Adams! Undeniably my all-time favorite comics artist. I think I may have a complete collection of his works, maybe an odd issue or two missing that I just don't know about. This MM issue may point out a few holes in my collection! I also cherish several pieces of original art that I've gottent from Mr. Adams over the years, had I the finances I would own much, much more.

To say Art Adams is an influence artistically is an understatement, not just for me personally but for the comics artist community as a whole. No one ever really matched the man himself, Bachalo comes close but has wandered into his own realm of visuals-- still those latest X-Men issues show alot of Adams' flair. Luckily, tho not often enough, Adams still draws! Most recently for ABC's Tom Strong's Teriffic Tales spinoff, Jonni Future. All I can hope is that there is more to come, because I will be there. Art Adams is one of those rare artists who's work makes you wish he drew everything.

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