Friday, February 03, 2006

Infinite Marketing

In this month's issue of Playboy, in the "On the Scene" section:

Crisis Management
Just when you thought you'd outgrown the world of caped men who fly around in tights

If you haven't noticed, the world today is in a state of crisis. Terrorism, mistrust of government, Brad and Jen-- it's a mess. Who can save the day? Superman, naturally. Vaunted comic-book publisher DC Comics' new seven-issue miniseries Infinite Crisis offers a new take on good and evil more in accord with our times, when the lines between them are not so clearly drawn. Written by fan favorite Geoff Jones and illustrated by Phil Jimenez (pictured left is cover art for issue #4, which hits stands this month), the series features nearly 400 characters from the publisher's superhuman pantheon in an epic battle that reshapes their fictional universe. Primarily the story interweaves the plotlines of DC's holy trinity: Batman, Superman, and the superendowed Wonder Woman. "For me it's about showing the audience-- if they've forgotten or don't know-- why Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are such great heroes," says Johns. "To do that across the board with the entire DC Universe, you have to ask, What does it mean to be a hero? That's really the theme." And Johns isn't joking around. By the end of the series, some of his beloved heroes will kick the superbucket.

A lofty synopsis, though as we're actually halfway through the series and have yet to see heroes in the making, I'm not exactly holding my breath. But I won't discount that there are three issues left, and alot can happen in three issues. Can they wow us still? I mean really wow us?

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