Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Science Fiction is Now!

So, yeah.

It’s no coincidence that the Intel Core Duo was born of the world’s leading processor company. To design and fabricate a dual-core chip performing at this level demands a commitment of resources few companies can even contemplate. The Intel Core Duo represents years of development by legions of Intel engineers. It’s the first Intel processor built using the new 65-nanometer process, which makes possible transistors so small you could fit a hundred inside a single human cell. Combine the advances of Intel with the innovation of Apple, and you get the most amazing Macs ever built.

Emphasis mine. But I guess science fiction is always "now," right? If you browse some of the stories coming out of CES, there's alot of regular upgrades, then there are one or two things that make you scratch your head in wonder. The laptop computer, we take it for granted, you would not have to travel back that far in recent history for today's laptop to be seen as a mind-blowing source of devil magic. There are generations coming of age now that do not know life without such devices. The future, when todays marvels will be described as nothing short of luddite, will be both exciting... and a little frightening!

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