Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Comics Day

It's been a hell of a year, but against all odds I managed to get me some comics!

First Thunder
Day of Vengeance Special
Y the Last Man

It was a light week, too, which is kinda a good thing at the moment. The Day of Vengeance "Infinite Crisis Special" is going to make or break the IC tie ins for me... I'm pretty sure I can pass on OMAC, tho. Infinite Crisis itself is very dissapointing. Over three issues, what exactly has happened?

-- "The Original" "Earth Prime" Superman is alive and well and wants to "set things right" by collapsing some fractured parallel worlds into a single soup
-- Power Girl and Psycho Pirate are from Earth Prime
-- The Freedom Fighters are dead (notables include Phantom Lady and The Ray)
-- Paradise Island evacuated and plain up and phased out of reality, tho Wonder Woman surprisingly stayed behind
-- Earth Prime Superboy and Alex Luthor may be up to something else entirely, and it was EP Superboy that destroyed the JLA watchtower and sucker-punched Martian Manhunter
-- there is a cataclysmic big swirly thing threatening to consume the universe (and that's just the DC logo! ba-dum-bump)

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