Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Comics Day

I present to you the last comics I will buy in 2005!

All Star Batman + Robin
X-Men/Power Pack
Spider-Man/Black Cat
New Avengers
Silent Dragon
Rann-Thanagar War TBP

This week I was in an arty kinda mood, so I picked up some random books that looked good. I've always liked Ed McGuinness, and damn if he doesn't keep it going on Batman/Superman. Over in Catwoman, Pete Woods has a complex but delicate line, and it guest-stars Zatanna. I already read New Avengers regularly, but Frank Cho on issue #14 focusing on Spider-Woman is a treat and a half. I'm all but ready to give up All Star Batman, but Jim Lee drawing Black Canary is almost a crime to pass up. Rocketo automatically aims to please but they changed the cover stock :-( and it has less of a heft than the previous issues. GuriHiru on Power Pack, Ryan Sook on X-Factor, Terry Dodson on Spidey/Black Cat, Leinil Yu on Silent Dragon... this was a hell of a week for art!!

If you read this here blog with any regularity, you'll recount my near-gushing over this year's Rann-Thanagar War miniseries. I had to pick up the trade just to have something to indiscriminately flip through-- altho that's about the limit of this edition's worth. The presentation is terrible! Far be it from me to speak ill of Brian Bolland, but his cover does not represent the feel or tone of this book at all. It's not bad art by any means, but it was a bad decision to choose him for it. Ivan Reis was the painfully obvious choice, I can't fathom why he was overlooked possibly just to get Bolland's "name" on the cover. The book is listed everywhere with Reis for the cover-- was there a mixup? Was art lost? Late? Signed an exclusive with Marvel and not used out of Spite? Who knows. Combine this with a glaringly bad logo design run through a cheesy Photoshop filter for no reason at all (or at least ineffectively), add in some planetary textures out of place with Bolland's art, throw on a self-serving Infinite Crisis logo, and you've got a nice example of everything -not- to do with a collected edition cover. I won't list the people responsible for this edition by name, but they can be found on page 2. Bad dog! Bad dog!! THANKFULLY, the guts of what make Rann-Thanagar War so great remain intact, that being the actual content of the book.

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