Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Comics Day

This has already been a crisis week for me, but alas sans-Infinite.

Ultimate Iron man
X-Men/Power Pack
Uncanny X-Men
Jingle Belle

For someone who is about to swear off Marvel I sure seem to have alot of Marvel books in my stack this week. I have to give X-Factor a try, if only for the presence of artist Ryan Sook. The prospect of a Peter David X-book isn't so bad, we'll see how much it ties into the whole "Decimation" nonsense. From what I've read and seen, it looks to be a continuation of his Maddrox series, which I can take or leave at this point. Uncanny again casts its siren song with Bachalo on interiors, altho the last few issues really do him a disservice with the menagerie of inkers thrown onto the pages. Some inkers mesh well with Bachalo's kinetic style, others miss his beats entirely and it's a shame. 'Cause really, the book is pretty (and Art Adams can't draw everything).

Did anyone else see the appearance of the Dark Horse Archive editions? They came out the gate with Solar and... Nexus. Damn I wanted to get that. But the price was a little steep in addition to my already substantial holiday spending tirade. Nexus stories really are different, they run from fun sci-fi romps to dead-serious morality plays. The book is set in a lush futuristic landscape with plenty of detail but more-so to establish the situations rather than forcing readers to plod though exposition detailing why a spaceship works the way it does. Anecdote Alert! Many years ago I had a back-and-forth with Nexus writer Mike Baron. He was a wonderfully nice guy, and open to my crazy ideas of sneaking Nexus "easter eggs" into the videogames I was working on at the time. He got the thumbs up from "The Dude" as well, altho sadly I've never even met one of my all-time artistic heroes. Steve Rude's art comes from a place so pure and driven I often imagine what byzantine highways of the mind must be traveled to reach it and the strength of discipline it takes to stay for any length of time. Currently Rude is found on his new endeavor, The Moth, but one needn't look further than the wealth of Nexus back issues for some true modern comics masterpieces.

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