Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Comics Day

DC lets me down two weeks in a row!!

Strangers in Paradise
Y the Last Man
Danger Girl: Back in Black
Spider-Man/Black Cat (??!!)
Ultimates 2
FNH Spider-Man

This appears to be the week where good-but-infrequent comics escape from the wormhole. Boneyard, for those of you not in the know, is usually a good read in a semi-horror/semi-humor flavor. Strangers in Paradise, after years and years continues to amaze me by its consistency of quality.

I don't need to buy everything that Warren Ellis writes (nor anything that Top Cow publishes), but throw in art by Cully Hamner on Down and you have yourself a deal. The art looks good, though just from flipping the the book the colors left me a little wanting. It's not nearly as nice as the spectacularly paletted Matador (Stelfreeze's same studio), but let's give it a chance.

Spider-Man/Black Cat... holy crap. Jinky Esperanto was a cheerleader I knew in high school, I wonder if she'll go out with me now. Yes, really, her name was Jinky.

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