Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Comics Day

No DCU books worth buying this week.

Kitty Pryde
New Avengers
Silent Dragon

Majestic is wearing thin, the future of the book (or at least me buying it) looks dim. It went from a great cosmic adventure to a very not-cosmic misadventure, and that disappoints me. It's basically the last WSU book around, and as such seems to find it necessary to pull in characters that have run their course years ago. Zealot just isn't interesting enough in this storyline, Desmond I never liked in the first place, and Helspont... c'mon, Helspont? He pretty much lost all credibility after appearing in Gen 13 #50, which while not wholly my doing, I will sheepishly take responsibility for. I know that two other WSU books are hitting shelves, Wildcats: Nemesis and Team Zero, but on the surface I find both books truncating the potential of what little is left of the WildStorm Universe. I don't know that I can ever truly give up my undefinable attachment to WS, but for some time now it's akin to having a wife in a coma with a depressing prognosis.

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