Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Comics Day

Stack additions for the long weekend:

Uncanny X-Men
Tom Strong (!)
Red Sonja
Conan Vol. 1: The Frost Giant's Daughter

X-Men, strorywise, holds little interest. Less if you include the aftermath of whatever House of M was (too many mutants?). However I am not averse to picking up an issue solely for the drawings of Chris Bacchalo, frankly I am taken aback by his continued presence on the title.

Treat of the Week belongs to new Tom Strong, with the return of art by Chris Sprouse! Paul Hogan as writer is more than fine with me, and the issue features Dr. Permafrost-- a little used but strangely interesting villain with one of the best looking costumes ever.

The TPB of Conan is a worthy addition to anyone's library, and I even have most of the individual issues. But Dark Horse's packaging and design for this softcover trade is so damn nice I had to pick it up. Aside from that, Busiek delivers strong stories of Conan lore, and the art by Cary Nord and outright painting by standout colorist Dave Stewart is just plain pretty. I will now have to pick up Vol. 2, tho it will be in a couple weeks or so to spread out the cost.

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