Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Comics Day

Is it true? Is it finally here?

All Star Superman
Tomorrow Stories Special
Top 10: Beyond
MK Spider-Man
Books of Doom
Green Lantern

Oh All Star Superman, I've been so patient. Will you be everything that All Star Batman + Robin is not? I believe this to be so.

Don't know why Tomorrow Stories came out with a "Special," quite possibly a marketing ploy to rebrand and make up for however long it was since the "last" issue. A fairly large chunk of the book is Cobweb, which is not a terribly exciting prospect. This is made up for by a Kevin Nowlan Jack B. Quick segment and a new Johnny Future bit by Cam Stewart-- it ain't Art Adams, but not a bad substitute if you ask me. The book is rounded out with Splash Brannigan and Greyshirt, but no First American to be seen. Maybe in the next ish (the cover is branded "1 of 2." Greyshirt is always entertaining, bordering on genius on occasion, but with last week's A to Z issue featuring both Greyshirt and Cobweb things look to have doubled up. God bless WildStorm for continuing to publish ABC books, but methinks the organization behind it is without focus.

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