Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Comics Day

Look out!!!! It's a Crisis week!!!

Infinite Crisis
The Escapist
Danger Girl: Back in Black
Y the Last Man
ABC A to Z: Greyshirt and Cobweb
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Crisis... two equally poor covers for issue #2 if you ask me, one by Jim Lee and the other by Perez. How am I supposed to care with such non-threatening images fronting the book? Shouldn't someone's eyes be bleeding, or at least be being sucked into cosmic nothingness? WTF guys, I thought this was Infinite Crisis.

Actual goodness is offered this week with an issue of The Escapist chock full of Phillip Bond, one of my favorite artists. I don't know why I'm still interested in Danger Girl, altho art by nick Bradshaw may have something to do with it-- "digital inks and colors" by Jim Charalampidis play a part, too.

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