Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mac Browsing

I don't like to admit how much time I spend online, but it's significant. Thank god I have actual work I'm responsible for lest I be lost in a daily sea of blogs, game FAQs, and galleries.

Mac browsing is a different animal from PC browsing. I do both, but since I finagled a G5 into my work environment there's little reason at all to browse in the PC world--- that is unless a page just doesn't read on a Mac, which happens more often than I'd like. Alot of commerce sites are PC only, as they deal directly with Windows based encoding or whatever Microsoft has put in the bottle. For PC's, Firefox is the way to go, no question. It's a handy dandy browser with a cool-ass logo. Explorer on the PC especially is notorious for security breaches, and I'm just paranoid enough to have to worry about that sort of thing. I would use Firefox on the Mac side, but it's a bit less stable and updates are infrequent. It's not native on the Mac and that keeps it buggy.

Camino is OSX native software, and is my browser of choice. It has a couple quirks I don't like, ironically features found to work well in Explorer... but sacrifices had to be made. Historically I've found Explorer for Mac to be just fine, it's engineered differently than the PC standard (which is incestuously embedded into the Windows OS) and rarely locks up.

Safari, Apple's native app that ships with Macs, is a fine browser. It is noticeably faster than other browsers which I believe is due to a hefty cache tied directly into OSX-- data can't physically come to your machine faster than the ISP allows, so I'm betting super-cache... It's just a little bland for me, it's got the brushed metal interface and few options for customization. It does have tabbed browsing, which I love, but so does Camino. Camino has nifty buttons. I like nifty buttons. Camino opens in a OSX window and looks like it belongs. I am a simple man with simple needs, and when one must browse as often as I do, the environment plays a big part. I could get used to Safari if I gave it a week or two, but I've never really needed to.

Camino, unfortunately, is still in the development stage and when it bugs out it does it big time. It is stable enough for me to use on a daily basis, tho the latest issues with Blogger (due I'm sure to Blogger's PC-ness), are bothersome. Creating a new post in Blogger looks different in every different browser... ???... sometimes it just don't work. These things tend to fix themselves over time, so no big deal for now.

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