Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Did you know that the Playboy Bunny outfit was updated? Neither did I, maybe because where the hell do you go these days to see a Playboy Bunny?

I'm content with my place in time, but one thing I wish I was around for in the past was the Playboy Club. I think the Bunny Girl is a pinpoint of Americana, and the thought of lounging away the night having drinks served via the "Bunny Dip" is something that for now remains a fantasy. I love the classic outfit with the satin fabric, vertical seams, collar and cuffs. The ears and cottontail play a big part in the fetish, and the colors were always rich. I'll take the kelly green bunny myself...

The reason for the update, and the answer to the dilemma mentioned above, is the new Playboy Club that's being introduced at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. The outfits are descriobed to have a more modern cut and a s+m undertone... whatever. The ears remain but the tuxedo cuffs are replaced by generic wristbands that might be found on an Avril Levine wannabe in possession of a Bedazzler. There are a couple more photos of the new outfits at Fox news here. Eh, they look okay I guess, but I don't see alot of color. That's why they have the word "classic."

Classic pics!
Lots and lots of Bunny pics.

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