Wednesday, October 12, 2005

New Comics Day

OMFG! OMG!!! Crisis is Heeeeere!!!!!

Infinite Crisis
Villains United
Where Monsters Dwell
Ghost Rider
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Y the Last Man
The Goon

I only flipped thru Infinite Crisis, but I saw alot of punching and things blowing up.

As if IC wasn't enough, I'm going to give Spider-Man's "Origin" crossover a chance. So Peter David better step up for the fist chapter, which I beleive he can. I'm stating now, for the record, that the result of Origin-- at least one of them-- is going to be Spider-Man having organic web shooters, like the movie. Seems a rather obvious extrapolation from what little is known, but we'll see. I don't know exactly how much one can "shake up" the Spidey world so my interest is piqued enough to find out.

Last week's "Marvel Mosnters Group" with Eric Powell drawing Hulk vs. Devil Dinosaur was awesome, so I hope Where Monsters Dwell proves as entertaining. But really I'm waiting for Fin Fang Four... I needed more Powell so this week's Goon 25-cent special is good timing. Also the collected Goon, "Fancy Pants Edition" looked really keen, it may be a pickup sooner than later.

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