Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New Comics Day

Gameboyus Interruptus....

Devil Dinosaur
Rann-Thanagar War
First Thunder
The Other, Sketchbook

The sketchbook was a bit of a fence-balance but I'm a sucker for Mike Weringo. I guess the biggest news this week is what I didn't purchase, Absolute Watchmen. My store had an open copy and I was able to flip thru it. Damn, that's a nice book. Is is a hundred dollars nice? Maybe. Maybe. For a bookhound like myself that's not as much of a stretch as you'd think, but Amazon lists it for a mere $47. I'm pretty sure I should get this book, and soon, I don't know how many of these Absolute editions they make. And if you're going to get any of them, Watchmen is surely the one.

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