Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's about cars, really!

As a general rule, I like cleavage. The above picture does fit that description, although its actual purpose is very misleading.

You see, this image is one of several sexified ads for Electronic Arts' Burnout: Revenge videogame. Now it's no secret that videogame marketing is horrendous at best, but this, well, this is just sad.

The rest of the "ads" can be seen here.

See what I mean? Burnout is a driving game, and crashing is involved. It's a great game, it is tons of fun to play and has re-invigorated the driving game genre (personally, I'll stick with Burnout 3, "Revenge" is merely an addendum with a couple tweaked features to get product on the shelf for the holidays). Those ads were crafted on the loose concept of wrecking cars. The one above, here, is the only one I think is clever because it actually lets you think a little about what's going on-- where you'd get a side view mirror, good composition, obvious sex appeal, that sort of thing. The rest of the ads are just bad looking. Bad layout, bad idea... what's the point? They aren't sexy, and I think I know sexy!

Sex in advertising is nothing new, but fellas, please, get real. You are Electronic arts. You have money to do it right, or so we would think. Go ahead, show a little T+A, but show the game in a screenshot larger than 1 inch. Show some representation of a race. If you need hot chicks in awkward poses, buy Maxim.

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