Monday, October 17, 2005

I was kinda in Vegas...

Wotta town... I had to make an impromptu trip to the desert to see my buddy play in his band, Revenge and Regret. The show was at the Double Down, a most excellent rocker bar that I have wiled away many a drunken hour/day/morning. And I am soooo glad I went because the show was certified "kick ass" by the UAAK (United Administration of Ass Kickers).

Revenge and Regret opened the night with some down and dirty punk that got the joint hoppin. I was up front but off to the side, safely enjoying the show away from the center crowd lest I be moshed, verily and violently. By the end of the set things got a little rowdy, one of the moshers took a shove the wrong way and the whole place erupted into a fist-flying free for all. It escalated at a frightening pace, going from "Oh, damn" to "Oh, shit" to "Holy fuck, it's time to leave." Luckily the DD stalwarts, bouncers and patrons alike, got things under control, but not before Revenge and Regret finished their set with the bassist destroying his guitar in a post-show frenzy old-skool PVNK STILE.

The bands kept coming, next up was Canadian punkers Million Dollar Marxists who I thot really rocked. The had a great sound that showed they'd been doing this a while, they are on the Gearhead label if anyone's looking. After them was Vegas locals 1/2 Ast, I happen to know one of those dudes, too, from when I lived in Vegas. They put out some brief punk riffs, scolded the crowd for dancing, and pretty much gave the 1/2 Ast show they're known for.

Last up was a Sacramento band called Sans Sobriety, and they fuckin' rocked out the house. Metal the way it's meant to be played, fast and loud. Driving guitar and mad-as-hell drums, just all-out rockin'. Many beers and two ringing ears later, things finally filtered out and it was time to call it a night. It was a good trip, it's great to see live shows and hang out with the bands. How the hell else are you going to get a souvenir like this?

I didn't ask for it... the dude just handed it to me as he made a bee line off stage and out the door!

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