Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gameboy Retrospective: Rayquaza

My Gameboy prayers were answered when Nintendo announced a special, limited edition "Pokémon Emerald Rayquaza Gameboy Advance SP" in 2004. Holy shit.

But it was only being offered in Japan... this proved to be a bit of an obstacle as it was being released on a certain day at a certain place and numbers were scarce. And the fact that I was living in New York. I thought since I actually knew someone living in Japan at the time that I could achieve my goal. This "friend" turned out to be totally lame and completely wussed out. Hopefully he is reading this right now and is still burdened with guilt for not helping me with the only thing I ever asked of him. Just kidding, buddy, you're the best. But not really, you suck.

As the release day came and went, I panicked. I really, really hate missing opportunities like this, as trivial as you might find it. I needed an Emerald Green SP. I had devoted so much to Pokémon, and I even have a Rayquaza, one of the most difficult captures in the Pokémon beastiary. And he's green!! Sure enough I found an Emerald SP being offered on eBay, and I bought it on the spot. Maybe I payed slightly more than I should have, but considering it needed to be shipped from Japan the price sort of evened out. I had thought it possible that the Emerald SP may be offered in America, especially when Pokémon Emerald was released, but I have that much more pride knowing I got mine from the source. To date, I've never seen another Emerald SP, and whenever I whip mine out it always garners attention.

I love you Pokémon Emerald Rayquaza Gameboy Advance SP!

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