Friday, October 07, 2005

Gameboy Retrospective: Evolution

Finally I have gotten my Gameboy Micro, picked up at Fry's Electronics last week. My all-silver theme was achieved by swapping faceplates with a buddy who bought the black body version-- it comes with a silver faceplate while the silver body version comes with a black faceplate. Thus I've got a nifty gleaming silver bullet, and my friend has a solid black device. We are both very pleased. The Gameboy Micro comes with two other faceplates, I kinda like the blue one, too... The faceplate option is ingenious of Nintendo, the secondary market will soon be flooded with faceplate variations, and I even assume forthcoming details on how to make your own. There are also several case variations on the Japanese market, including a super-cool version that mocks the original Famicom controller. No doubt I will soon be able to add a bright green face to the latest addition of my Gameboy Family.

The Micro feels great in your hands, it certainly feels better than a PSP. While it has a smaller screen than the SP, it is a damn nice screen. I do tons of work with mobile devices and I know a nice screen when I see one. The ultra-tight resolution gives every GBA game a sharp, new look.

The Micro only plays Advance game cartridges, and has a unique power supply. It would have been nice to share the GBA/SP power supply, but Nintendo is notorious for creating device-only peripherals. Thankfully, the Micro does have a standard headphone jack, which the SP lacked. Another nice touch was the inclusion of the felt carrying-case. I haven't really tested the battery life yet, but I would expect it to be at least the 10-11 hours of the SP, maybe more.

Nintendo has given us the Micro in order to keep the Gameboy install base intact... or... perhaps something more sinister. The Stockholm Syndrome I've been under with Nintendo has gone on for so many years I just don't know anymore. And here comes the DS. Oh, Nintendo, you had me at "Hello," and love means never having to say you're sorry. Or whatever the hell Ali MacGraw was rambling on about.

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