Monday, October 03, 2005

Gameboy Retrospective: Color!

When Gameboy Color was introduced--- in four case colors, the gaming community went kind of nuts. I knew without a doubt I had to get my hands on the apple green Gameboy, and I did. "Color" as far as the games was a bit of a loose term on this generation of Gameboy. It had a palette of very limited colors and the screen was years from being backlit. At their core, most every Gameboy game is tile based, and the new hardware allowed only four unique colors for every eight pixel square. That sounds limited, and it is, but it was quite a jump from the strict greyscale limitations of the original Gameboy.

Game development split for the Gameboy with the introduction of color: Games developed and playable for any Gameboy device, and those developed exclusively for Gameboy Color. The Gameboy Color was backwards compatible, meaning it could play all of the original Gameboy Games, thus keeping Nintendo's install base incredibly strong.

For me, memories of playing on my first green Gameboy pretty much revolve around Pokémon. Completing Blue version and moving onto Silver... Little did I know what an obsession it would create. Sure, there were other games, but for a very long time, practically until the introduction of Gameboy Advance, my Gameboy was merely the device required to play Pokémon.

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