Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gameboy Retrospective: Clamshell

One of the most demanded features of a new Gameboy was a backlit screen, to the point where you could even buy a kit to hack a backlight into your Gameboy Advance. Nintendo wised up and introduced the Gameboy SP. It was a completely redesigned Gamboy Advance with a folding "clamshell" backlit screen.

It was not hard to trade in my GBA for a significant price break on the SP. At first the SP only came in two colors, silver and a bluey-indigo "Cobalt." I opted for blue as it seemed to add that little extra and I was generally going through an all-things-blue phase. I had hoped more colors would become available, but none ever excited me. Eventually, more case colors were introduced, Onyx Black and Flame Red. Pokémon released four special Pokémon editions over time: Pikachu Yellow, Mudkip Blue, Torchic Orange, and Treeko Green. The green one was kinda cool, but it was more of a pastel-off-limey color that wasn't quite for me. There were a couple other variations offered in Japan, notably two Hello Kitty editions, pink and sky blue.

I feel the SP brought Pokémon playing-- and GBA playing in general-- to its highest level.

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