Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Comics Recap

Infinite Crisis #1
So... yeah. It's, like, Crisis and stuff. Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe Crisis is over my head. Maybe the first issue of the biggest event of the year was supposed to be a barrage of imagery and non sequiturs and cryptic conversations that will all be explained ingeniously as Crisis plays out. Or maybe, just maybe, I've been bamboozled and Crisis is an overthought, convoluted piece of crap.

Villains United #6
This book had an actual conclusion! And it was good, too. There was a rather startling exposure of the duplicate Luthor that got me all curious, altho I think they copped out a little when they suggested Cheshire may have survived what appeared to be a fatal bullet wound. Which I guess is to be expected, when she may or may not be carrying Catman's child... tho that little tidbit seemed farfetched considering her reveal of said fact so soon after the "act." Maybe she's got special woman powers or something, because even though it's a given she would lie about such a thing, it is still a possibility and a good story point. Or it may not be Catman's at all... Cheshire already has a child by way of Roy Harper/Arsenal, don't forget. In any case it would appear that there are more books in the works for the Villains United crew.

Rann-Thanagar War #6
This series is not over! Sure, the first part concluded somewhat, but damn, I want more. I hope the tie into to Crisis doesn't bungle things up, but apparently the story is to be continued in the pages of Hawkman in months to come. But over all, bang up job all the way, probably my favorite miniseries of the year.

Hawkman #44-45
I don't know what it is about Hawkman, but when he's drawn right he looks pretty damn cool. The art team on this book is sharp, Hawkman has got to be one of the most undeniably macho dudes in the DCU. And Hawkgirl ain't lookin' so bad herself, and there was another femme fatal in this arc as well, good stuff. As for the story, well I can't help but feel for Palmiotti and Gray for taking over, and Johns for that matter, since without a doubt Hawkman has the most disastrous continuity ever conceived. They work it out fairly well, but even in a brief recap to help conclude the story, you just have to cringe at what this character has gone through. Will Crisis be the end-all-be-all for a New Hawkman Origin? They've tried before... several times.

All Star Batman + Robin #2
This series is what it is, which I think can be simplified as style over substance. But I sure hope "I am the god-damn Batman" sinks its heady teeth into our lexicon.

Marvel Mosnsters: Devil Dinosaur
This book was a blast, great fun. Eric Powell was a genious choice for art chores on the lead story and it looks fanstastic. The story is great, the art, inks, and colors are equally great, but you know what was the best part? The letters! No one ever said Dave Lamphear was a slouch, but considering how many other letterers completely ignore what the finished page needs to look like, this story comes off as a modern masterpiece. Properly shaped balloons! Even reading type! And sound effects that pull colors from the actual palette of the page! It's a freakin' miracle!!!

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