Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday Eve

This weekend I headed out to the coast for a sandy bacchanal, sort of a post-Burning Man last hurrah for summer. I myself wasn't at Burning Man, but I had a few friends who were and invited me to join the festivities. It was a great time, decent weather, a full moon, and the girls were on fire. Literally! Lovely after lovely took up chain and staff and put on a show of rhythmic firedancing for all to enjoy. There were some guys firedancing, too, of course. As nice as the view was amidst the flames, the highlight of the party had to be the live drums. These guys rocked! They pounded out a groovy tribal beat for hours, giving the firedancers the timing they like for spinning and inspiring random bellydances among the crowd. The hippies are alive and well, and they know how to party.

The pic above is from my measly cell phone, not bad considering the conditions.


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