Thursday, September 01, 2005

Storm Chime

Wednesday night CBS had a special report on Katrina, as did ABC, as all major news shows are doing this week. The situation looks grim, I was uncomfortable watching alot of the footage, I mean it just looks bad. As the reports went on, they fell into typical reporting cliches (like playing blues music over footage of a flooded town), and I was caught between was was more upsetting-- the actual event or the reporting of it. You can catch the details on blogs far more informed than mine, I avoid soapboxes such as this because I don't feel it to be much my place. However a little titdbit over on Information Overload points out how fucking deluded we are as a country. The CBS report I saw was quoting how this was the worst disaster ever, hundreds, possibly thousands dead, how the news coverage will center on this event for however long it takes. What's bothersome about that is that it wasn't 4 days ago on 60 minutes that they were reporting on the genocide in Sudan. Now that was a horrendous story, the death toll already dwarfs anything Katrina could possibly offer. I mean, New Orleans will be rebuilt in some form or another. It's going to be a bitch and a half, you know, with the alligators and poisonous snakes and all, but on the scale of worldwide disastrous events, I think we can handle it. Areas are going to be weeks or more without power (this is not fun-- I lived in SF for the '89 Loma Prieta quake, just a few days without power or water is tough to handle), and that sucks, but it's hard not to compare it to regions of the world who go months and months, even years without any sort of power or water infrastructure at all, after a cataclysmic event.

I've already heard the Bibilcal references for Katrina, and humor does help us deal with tragedy, but please. I do not trivialize what has happened in the south, but such Americentric observations make me roll my eyes.

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