Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Comics Day

This was the week of the woot woot! Holy moley I can't wait to dive into this pile.

Rocketo (!!!)
Top 10: Beyond
The Ultimates
Astonishing X-Men
Mister Miracle
All Star Batman + Robin
Green Lantern Corps
JSA Classified
Day of Vengeance
New Avengers
Books of Magic

Rocketo. God damn fuck shit bitch. Despite my (self professed) literary prowess, I can only resort to Torrets-like expletives when describing my admiration for this book, a mere two issues in. From admiration to adoration, one can flip through the pages of Rocketo and experience awe, charm, blissful simplicity, and in weaker moments, outright jealousy of the artistry involved. I haven't been this excited with a new series since the introduction of Y The Last Man.

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