Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Comics Day

I was actually hoping for alot more books this week!

Y the Last Man
Uncanny X-Men
Superman/Shazam: First Thunder
Villains United

The only reason I picked up First Thunder was because of the art of Josh Middleton. My very first look at his work in what seems like a lifetime ago was the gorgeous tease Sky Between Branches. I wasn't the only one who noticed as he was promptly snapped up by Crossgen, for which I don't think he ever did anything, then Marvel where he did a few rounds of NYX. NYX was really nice, it was all hip and modern (and not exactly the easiest read) and the art was enough to get me to pick it up. That went to whatever comics limbo swallows such things and now Middleton's at DC. Drawing Superman of course, which I think is a bit of a vanilla use for such a unique style. Sky Between Branches looked so god damn interesting.... the promise of its release got continually put off by work for a mainstream publisher.

Not that I blame him. I do not know Middleton at all or the nature of his contracts, but if I were to take an educated guess I think it would go a little something like this: Sky Between Branches is a personal project by a very talented artist. And by "personal" I mean "on his own dime." Middleton may not necessarily need to draw Superman, but DC will certainly pay him to do so. For all I know it may have been his lifelong dream to draw Superman and/or Shazam, and if that's the case I wholeheartedly offer more power to him. Or maybe Sky Between Branches did come out and I didn't even see it?

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