Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pool in Glendale

Yesterday I found myself in Glendale for a spell. After a productive stop at the Apple Store and admiring the bounteous population of jailbait* at the Glendale Galleria, we took a walk outside and popped in to Charles Billiard to scope the place out.

It's a pretty fancy joint, fairly large (made more noticeable by the fact the we were the only ones in the place at 5 in the afternoon). I bet the place really hops at night and on weekends, it has a full bar and sitting area up front. I noticed the tables were closer together than in most places, so I think it can get annoyingly crowded if you have neighbors playing on all sides. There was a sound system laying out some sweet jazz, but I didn't notice a jukebox, I wonder what the music is like at other times.

I'd like to go back in the evening and see how it plays with a full house. I've become accustomed to playing at Hollywood Billiards but the LA area has a whole slew of pool halls I recently discovered in a promotional booklet, so it may be time to hit the road and check out some new joints!

*Aside: I am enamored with the fact that "jailbait" did not trigger my spellchecker, which it lead me to look it up on various digital dictionaries and I wonder how long that's been around?

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