Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Duds

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Vonnagan is an artisan-level tailor (WoW characters are able to undertake various trade skills), and as such I am often able to craft armor far better than what can be bought. Warlocks can only wear cloth armor, which can be a drag, so being able to craft the strongest of its class is a definite advantage. I had been enjoying tromping around in the relatively-high level Black Mageweave gear my current skill level allows, but just changed over to the very distinct Robe of Power and some new accessories I had aquired from quests. It is a very different look for my character.

I'm getting closer to topping off my tailoring skill, as I am now able to seek out the secret craft of Shadowweave. In addition to cool armor, I can also craft multi-slot bags and backpacks which sell for a very high price on both the township and player/player market.

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