Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Comics Day

Erg, in order to make it over to House of Secrets in Burbank I had to get gas. $2.97/gal... ouch.

New Avengers
Solo: Jordi Bernet (!)
Green Lantern
Shining Knight
Silent Dragon

Solo must be a terrible gamble for retailers, but I'm glad that it is. It's hard enough to gauge orders on Howard Chaykin or Darwin Cooke, and throwing Corbin onto the mix doesn't make things any easier. But how else are we going to get exposure to art like Bernet's? Me, I'm all over it. I would love to see Solo showcase more European artists just for the sake of showcasing good art. Frezzato, Marini, Manara, bring 'em over! There's got to at least be a Moebius issue in the works. I was hoping an art exchange program such as this could be accomplished in part by DC's deal with Humanoids, but... that didn't exactly work out, did it? And oh man, maybe momma didn't hug me enough as a child, but this issue of Solo may have the best Poison Ivy story ever.

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