Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Comics Day

Rann-Thanagar War
Villains United
Iron Man
New Warriors

I really, really, like the work Ryan Sook is doing for Zatanna. It's very appealing. I've always found Zatanna to be an interesting character, and yes, fishnets are not excluded from the equation. But it's a rare character that can travel recklessly from the DCU to Vertigo and back, considering the havok that wreaks on one's continuity. Continuity is something Zatanna appears to be immune to, what with her Morrison-penned side story for Seven Soldiers simultaneoulsy shipping in the same week as JLA, where she also is playing a role as Infinite Crisis pans out. Maybe after it's all over she'll cast another spell on us all, "Efil a teg -- cimoc a tsuj s'ti."

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