Sunday, August 07, 2005

New Comics Day (late post)

Big fat comics week!

New Avengers
Uncanny X-Men
Strangers in Paradise
Ultimate Iron Man
Giant-Size Spider-Woman
Y the Last Man
Mystery City
Top Ten: The Forty Niners (!!!)

Giant-Size Spider-Woman seemed like a good bet with some classic Buscema, Infantino, and Leialoha work. The new story with Rick Mays art is an extra-spicy treat. And speaking of treats, Mystery City certainly qualifies, being a prestige format book packed full of Jose Ladronn!

Justice sure looks pretty, tho I've got sit down with it to see what Ross and Krueger are cooking up. Ultimate Iron Man still holds my interest, but it seems like ages between issues.

But what I'm really looking forward to is Top Ten. All of the ABC books were special in their own way, but I think Top Ten is the most accessible because it plays on so many common themes. Tom Strong was the archetype pulp adventure, Promethea was the blow-your-mind deconstruction of storytelling, and Tomorrow Stories was the satire. Top Ten is cops and robbers-- everyone can follow that. Being released as a stand alone HC says alot towards both the material and DC's toe-tipping experimentation into the original graphic novel arena. I suspect initial sales of this book will tell alot, but really they've got to wait to include the (eventual) lower-priced softcover to see if readers are eating it up.

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