Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just as addictive, twice as pointless

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I had stopped playing World of Warcraft for some time... a couple months... as I felt is was taking up an unhealthy amount of time, work got the better of me, and I started losing interest in the grind of leveling after 40.

I finished some work commitments and was poking around for some new games to play, and found some, but some friends suggested I hop back into WoW. Damn them.

Not only did I start a new character on a new server, but I went back to my old character to see where I could "go" to get some decent XP. After some hearty travel, WoW delivered what it does like no other game I know-- a completely new area I have never been to, nor heard of, that totally kicks my ass with all new quests and beasties. Aye, finally, here be dragons.

This game, well, "massive" is not really a sufficient adjective. There are ceilings, there are gameplay issues, but damn it's still so freakin' fun. There have been significant patches to the game since I played last, so in some respects it's a whole new ball game. The +40 grind is a harsh one, we're now talking hundreds of thousands of XP to level up, and I do wonder how long I can keep it going. Starting a new character of a different class really is an entirely different experieince, and considering the game is coming up on its one year anniversary it sure seems to have a hell of alot of steam in it.

Those online at Llane server may ping Vonnagan (45 Horde/Undead/Warlock), those on Gurubashi server may hail Cordero (9 Horde/Troll/Hunter).

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