Saturday, August 27, 2005

Azeroth Travelogue

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I went on another World of Warcraft travel binge in search of new areas. I'm using Blogger to host my images now and I think I have gotten the hang of it-- click on the pics for some beautiful full-screen shots. They are big, like 1280x1024 big. Unfortunately having Blogger host the images sacrifices some quality (low q jpegs), but hey it's free.

This is near the entrance to Ungoro Crater. The most amazing thing about this area is that you enter it from a rather obscure path after travelling across a vast desert called Tenaris. The desert is miles and miles of sweeping Sahara-like landscape, and when you find this descending path into the unexpected lushness of the crater it's amazing. It's literally walking (or in my case riding) into the lost world, because this land is populated by dinosaurs! Raptors are a common sight throughout the game, but this place has a freakin' 60 foot T-rex stomping around. There are also Dimetrodons and Pteradons, and some other enemies I really wasn't ready to face. It was extremely difficult to leave the area and find my way back to civilization...

... which I did by happening on a trading post in Feralis, adjacent to the crater. The post a had a flight station (kind of like an airport) that THANK GOD allowed me safe travel to friendlier lands. But before I left I took in a little sightseeing. I can only imagine what the hell is in that giant hive.

This shot here is just the Barrens, familiar territory for me and home of the Crossroads, a "hub" if you will to several other key areas via flying beasts. BTW, the moon is high in the last shot because I was travelling late at night. The game plays in real time and has an actual 24hr day/night cycle.

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