Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Comics Day

It's a Crisis week!

Wonder Woman
JLA Classified
Silent Dragon

When they said Superman's "Sacrifice" 4-parter tied into Crisis, they weren't kidding. The conclusion in Wonder Woman #219 leads right into OMAC #4... not to be too spoilerish but somebody dies. Correction: somebody is murdered. The death in question was not entirely out of left field but it sure came waaaaay sooner than I was expecting. Looks like (writer) Rucka is not fucking around. Over in OMAC he certainly made up for what I felt was a lack of story-forwarding events last ish, as plenty goes down this week and another character is killed. Maybe two. The bodies are piling up!

Joe Casey and Tom Scioli's Gødland plays the Kirby riff about as far as it can go. What I got from flipping thru it was that if there was a scene on TV where a person needed to be reading a "comic book," Gødland should be that comic because it sure as hell looks like one.

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