Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Comics Day

Fourth of July pushed off the books for a day, it was a light week but a good one.

Y the Last Man
Shanna the She Devil
Uncanny X Men
Villains United

I'm a total sucker for the Claremont/Davis/Farmer formula, especially anything related to the old Excalibur days. I haven't picked up an issue of X-Men in quite some time, so I'm sure I have no idea what's going on. I just like to see Alan Davis draw Saturnyne every once in a while. It strikes me that the non-x-men cast being featured in and x-men book might have had much more of an impact if there weren't already a dozen other x-titles. Sheesh, remember what a huge deal it was when they launched the second X-Men title? Even in those days, shit had to happen all the time, cause there were only so many issues a year to get your stories in. Sure they dragged out meaningless subplots like Gambit/Bishop/Wolverine nonsense but I also recall there being an actual interest in those subplots.

I'm too jaded now, I haven't read X-Men regularly for like a decade. I figure my generation's "X-Men" has long moved on, 'cause outside a contribution from a particular artist I enjoy, I sure as hell don't care what happens to them now. The only exception to that were the Morrison issues, especially with Quitely (which unfortunately he couldn't sustain-- had he been able to that would have left an unmistakable watermark on the New X-Men saga). I heard about what was going on after a few issues had already been out when a friend told me 1. Scott Summers and Emma Frost were having an affair. The old X-Men reader in me was shocked at such a soap opera development, back in the day which X was dating which was quite the soapdish. 2. But only in their minds. That sounded really, really cool in a can't-believe-no-one-thought-of-that-before kind of way. There were still alot of X hurdles in the Morrison run (I guess there always are), but it did have some high points. I understand now that most of it has already been written out, as such things are bound to happen.

Hmm, of course now I remember that I read Astonishing X-Men on a regular basis. Damn you Cassaday and your siren song. I guess the appeal of Astonishing is that it is very loosely connected to the other books, so much of the continuity burden is lifted. Also as far as I can put together it hangs onto the more interesting relationships formed in the Morrison run. I guess my generation hasn't moved on that much after all.

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